Small Business, Startup and LLC Law

For the past 15 years, my main responsibility as a lawyer was to help experienced business executives and managers understand complex legal problems, and then to work with them to make the choices they needed to make in order to serve the needs of the business while solving the problem.  Case after case, in good times and in times of crisis, business managers sought me out for my experience and expertise and I answered their questions, and I helped them solve their problems:

—  corporate and vendor contract drafting, review and negotiation

—  business incorporation, LLC formation and operating agreements

—  banking, lending and investments

—  trademarks, copyright and content licensing

—  registered agent services

—  general legal services

My clients notice the difference between me and other attorneys from the first time they call, and they reach me — in person — at my desk.  I want to help your business reach its potential — whether this is your first startup, or your fifth.  Hi-tech? New tech? Old school? Bring it.

Call me for a consultation, I’ll answer and then we can get down to business —

(540) 466-3130



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