Peacetime Private Mediation Services of Virginia open for business

Conflict is part of life, an opposing and sometimes necessary ordering force to our peace and contentment in the present.

Whether you’re facing a lawsuit, the demand or threat of a lawsuit, or simply want to improve a stalled business relationship, Peacetime Private Mediation Services of Virginia is available to help you and your adversary (or your business partner, or colleague, or subcontractor) to focus and narrow the areas of conflict that are hindering you and your business from reaching your full potential, and to assist the parties in crafting a lasting resolution that gets your needs met.  With over 20 years experience in alternative dispute resolution, and mediation, and a certified mediator of Superior Court Civil Actions in North Carolina, Chris Okay and Peacetime Private Mediation Services of Virginia want to help bring prosperity, and peacetime to your business.

$150/hr flat rate for mediation services, typically costs are shared by opposing parties who agree on mediation to resolve an issue.  Call today for a consultation, and for a description of the private mediation process as an alternative to fighting yet another civil action in the state or federal courts:

(540) 466-3130



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